fairywriter (slashfairy) wrote in gyllenguire,

funny how it goes

Back in Time
Incest and non-con alluded to
JG/EW, from TM's POV, first person
Yes, begging on my knees.
I wish.

I hadn't seen him for forever, Elijah, not since Ice Storm. And now there he was, with Jake, of all people. And I hadn't seen Jake, not since that really horrible night we all ran into each other, he and Kristen and I, and she got mad at both of us and left.

Of course, she drove, so I was stranded. Jake had come in a taxi. We watched her flying off, red hair waving like the contrail from a jet in the wash over the convertible's windshield. He sighed. I sighed. And then we giggled. And got a taxi. "Fuck you, Kristen, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, we're going off together and get drunk as lords!!"

So we did.

And thereby hangs a tale.

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