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So. Ahem. *fanfare* Hi everyone. Let's kick off this comm with a few short points.

1. First of all, if you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE. really. this is a majorly obscure pairing but they're just too glowy and beautiful not to be together, and we (aha watch me speak for us all) thank you for taking a chance on them with us :B

2. The use of the :B emoticon is, i have a feeling, going to be ubiquitous. It was first introduced to me by co-founder undrockroll as a sort of nerdy smiley. (I also use it in cases of extreme embarrassment but I may be singular in that way.)

3. There are, of course, many reasons why Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal may dislike each other. For one thing, they have sort of both been with or connected to Kirsten Dunst. But maybe the fact that she sorta dumped both of them would bring them together. There was also the tension over spiderman. Jake was originally slated to play The Part, but he either quit or Tobey cut him out. Maybe these points could be used as things that drive them apart - OR BRING THEM WAY CLOSE TOGETHER. I always like some good angst to kick off a really magnetic pairing.

4. If you're squicked by mpreg - um. there might be some of that here :B (<-- this would be one of those extreme embarrassment moments).

5. I just came up with all of these points completely on my own so co-mod undrockroll may very well be looking on in horror. If that is the case she can rightfully disclaim all knowledge of my asininity and we can hopefully erase this from the record :B

5. Everyone - all two of you - should be, i hope, majorly impressed with the beautiful layout we have thanks to undrockroll, who designed and implemented it. <3333 and thanks to her for that.

okay. and now for some actual content. which i realise now that i cannot post because i am not at my own computer and am just writing up this bs post because i'm majorly bored with the mundane nature of my work. haha :B :B :B oh god, was ever an emoticon more appropriate to a community? or maybe a particular user. haha.

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